Billing module for management of sales and payment processes


Invoicing application

The online Invoicing application accelerates the invoicing process and eliminates the need for manual input of information. Information (payment terms, client information, product or service description) is loaded into the invoice template automatically. Keeping track of payment documents is important for warehouse filling, subscription extension and management of other types of payments. The module allows you to print an invoice, store it in various formats and create payment receipts.

Speed up the payment process

The electronic Billing module provides your client with the possibility to pay an invoice online, thereby turning the client into a regular loyal one.


Real-time tracking of payments

Receive real-time messages about paid and unpaid parts of the invoice.

Reduce management costs

The Invoicing application allows you to change an order or to cancel it along with creation of refund documents. It is also possible to change the existing credit notes, which makes all processes legally valid.

Supplier management

The advantage of the payment system is the possibility to automatically pay invoices received from suppliers.

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