Business Accounting and Financial Management module


General Ledger Online

The online application automatically generates accounting records in the general ledger, and you can filter them by date, account type and other criteria.

Print financial reports

Automatically generate and print balance sheets and profit reports, trial balance reports, tax declarations and financial reports of partners.


Financial management – assets management

Create, track and manage private or corporate assets.

The accounting system automatically creates statements of accounts, payments and receipts.

Eliminate the risk of errors and speed up the accounting process. The system uses records of the Payment module and automatically handles and accounts for related processes.

Manage full and partial payments and discounts

Modern customer satisfaction assurance strategies are a headache for accountants. Management of such statements has now become easier as the Odoo system offers automated management of payments and discounts.

Efficient pricing management

Set product or service fees. Then, when a new product is created or any product is ordered, a fee will be applied to it automatically.

Management of supplier invoices

The accounting management system helps to track and manage invoices received from suppliers.

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