Business development of an insurance company spurred on by the ERP system

The insurance and personal financial management company Aldiavita operating in Lithuania, a partner of the Austrian insurance company Compensa, greatly expanded its client base in 2014. This led to the sharp increase in the volume of work and the number of employees.

Overview of the internal transformation of a public institution – paramedical services

Successful installation of software at Panevėžys Ambulance Station sparked interest of Marijampolė Ambulance Station in this success story. It was interested in a similar solution at first but later also switched to the system developed by Boolit.

Adaptation of sales processes to the LEAN system

NOD Baltic UAB and its subsidiary Baltimax UAB, having carried out the internal performance analysis, decided that their business was not lacking competent sellers or project managers, but rather a systematic work organisation technology and methodology that would increase information visibility, centralise communication with the client and improve project management efficiency.

Unique HR management software handles the company's development chaos

Unique HR management software handles the company’s development chaos
The UK-based cleaning company Husband & Wife Cleaning Services needed a system for management of business processes to ensure smooth and efficient sales and employee management. It became difficult for the management to process the increasing number of client queries as creation of orders and invoices was managed manually.