Cloud-based Warehouse Management


Optimise the product delivery process

The Kanban view allows you to graphically display all operations and see the progress of each process in the panel. Use the barcode interface to register and handle goods and print the necessary documents or statements.

Warehouse management and operational efficiency

Use analytics tools for the warehouse analysis.


Shipment of goods according to your needs

The Inventory Management module allows you to mark products to specify when and what products must be shipped: first in, first out (FIFO), last in, first out (LIFO), first expired, first out (FEFO). Shipment of goods according to the FEFO method is especially important as it allows you to increase profits.

Management of the warehouse resource control process

Customise the system to track incoming and outgoing goods processes: receipt, unloading, quality control, unloading location prior to shipment, packing, transportation and delivery of goods directly from the manufacturer. The Odoo system provides the possibility to track these processes in real time using the barcode interface.

Inventory quality control

The Warehouse Management module allows you to create quality control stages for incoming and outgoing goods to ensure the quality of goods and the long-term satisfaction of clients.

Warehouse management based on your business logic

Create virtual warehouses and hierarchically arrange and assign them to different real warehouse locations.

Multi-warehouse management

Manage the movement of raw materials and goods within a warehouse and between warehouses.

Use of the warehouse database for recurring purchases

Set the criteria for automatic purchase and shipment of raw materials or goods to a pre-defined warehouse.

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