Manufacturing Management module for flexible and productive business


Efficient manufacturing planning module

Create manufacturing orders with several clicks and use convenient views (Gantt, shapes, graph and calendar views) to graphically display manufacturing orders.

Human Resources Management

Track and organise the daily schedule of employees using a timesheet and pay for actual working hours.


Improve the quality of production

The Manufacturing Management module also provides the possibility to track and record damaged or defective goods, as well as to manage the repair process and related invoices, and to manage warranties.

Strengthen warehouse tracking

Keep track of finished products using serial numbers.

Manufacturing Management module

Set the individual manufacturing process for each product and link it to ordering of materials.

Sell sets of goods

Pre-define goods to be sold as a set and the system will automatically inform employees about these requirements.

Efficient cooperation with partners

The feature is designed for companies engaged in manufacturing of goods or raw materials with a partner carrying out distribution of goods or further processing of raw materials. The Manufacturing Planning application allows you to link manufactured raw materials or goods to contractors, distributors or other partners in the manufacturing order tab, so that the manufactured order is automatically shipped to them for further work.

Manufacturing management according to LEAN methodology

Do not stop manufacturing the most popular goods. Full integration of the module (with Purchase, Sales, Warehouse modules) allows you to set automatic purchase of raw materials and manufacturing of goods according to the appropriate filters. For example, you can set the module to track goods that are most in demand and to order their manufacturing automatically.

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