Marketing Processes and Website module for smart business


Marketing and sales synergy

The website visitors’ data (newsletter subscribers, clients who want to try out the product, etc.) are automatically registered in the CRM module and the necessary fields are filled in with provided information. Sales teams can see the channel, the marketing campaign or the source from which the user came to the website and apply the appropriate sales strategy.

Organisation of marketing campaigns for those who want to rise above competitors

The Market Segmentation application allows you to segment the target audience, organise, manage and analyse advertising campaigns.


Electronic marketing

The module includes the infrastructure helping to carry out SEO optimisation of the website without any technical knowledge.

B2B and B2C Newsletters application

Automation of bulk mailing allows you to create lists of recipients and an attractive email design, as well as analyse the effectiveness of newsletters.


Increase the number of potential clients

Quickly manage the blog and create entries, allow page visitors to share the content in social media, increase the likelihood of a visitor becoming a newsletter subscriber and enable real-time customer service.

Publish events on your website

Create a user-friendly event page design, manage tickets and registration, analyse engagement in real time with ease.


Creation of polls, questionnaires

The Marketing Processes module allows you to create a poll design, select the appropriate Q&A format, as well as to analyse, print and export the results.

Website building without technical skills

A wide selection of blocks you can use to build an attractive website structure. You can also select a theme that is attractive to your target audience.


SEO optimisation of the website

The Website Builder application allows you to manage online marketing processes without technical skills: to manage meta tags, description tags, title tags, and keywords.

Key to a successful advertising campaign

Successful marketing specialists know how important it is to communicate with the consumer and remind of yourself after an advertising campaign. The module allows you to organise, track and analyse advertising campaigns, as well as to extend an advertising campaign for the selected segments.

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