Multifunctional Human Resources Management module


Recruitment process management and tracking.

Create recruitment stages according to your needs.

Add job descriptions.

Collect the candidate’s CV data in his/her profile.

Appoint a person to evaluate a candidate.

Plan job interview dates.

Record the impression about a candidate at each stage.

Invite managers to join a job interview and evaluation.

Include the company's website in the human resources management strategy

Post vacancies directly on the organisation’s website: the Human Resources Management module is fully integrated with the Website module.


Employee working time accounting

A timesheet is created from the Project Management module’s tasks which an employee contributes to. The module also allows you to see the ratio of the employee’s wage to the project and the employee’s contribution to the project.

Employee's profile

Record the necessary information about an employee in the employee’s profile.


Centralised management of resources

Keep track of employee-related costs in one place. Use a simpler costs approval, invoicing, remuneration payment and compensation process.

Management and approval of employee applications

Employees can fill in applications for vacations, business trips, sick leaves and other requests directly from the system. The responsible person can approve an application on the basis of the request and information in the employee’s profile.


Payroll module

The advantage of the Odoo Payroll Accounting application is that a wage is calculated automatically according to the employee’s working hours.

Employee productivity report

The Human Resources Management module in an organisation must provide analytical information related to employees. Odoo allows you to generate reports on employee working time, business trips, etc.

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