Order and Sales Management module

The Sales Management module facilitates and allows you to fully control the sales process and identify problem areas of the sales funnel. Order management does not distract the seller from the main work as invoices are created with several clicks, and commercial offers and contracts are stored in one place. The Analytics module continuously examines the seller’s performance, helps to analyse the sales funnel using filters and to forecast revenue.


Turn a potential buyer into a loyal client

The Sales Management module allows you to simplify and accelerate the sales process and invoicing, as well as to track payments and the goods delivery process in one place.

Manage sales teams

Distribute the workload of employees and assign potential clients to appropriate sellers. Also, encourage cooperation between sellers using the chat tab, the notes section and documents editable in real time.


Send attractive electronic invoices

Encourage potential clients to sign the contract using individualised templates and modern design. Reduce the time until signing of the contract by sending interactive offers. Also, you will be automatically notified that the client has viewed the contract. Print, scan and let the client sign the contract online.

Efficient sales management according to LEAN methodology

The LEAN CRM module is customised for the LEAN sales process. Display the sales process in the Kanban view, speed up sales and analyse the performance with advanced business analytics tools.


Real-time business analytics

Know which clients are most profitable. Analyse information with the advanced tool using filters, various breakdowns, diagrams and know the expected profit.

Successful sales management and sales promotion

Create discounts and reduced-price promotions or post discount coupons with Odoo. Use analytics tools to find out winning strategies, proper periods for promotions and the most successful channels.


Order Management application

Invoicing application, business accounting, etc. The Sales module is integrated with the Accounting module, which allows you to create an invoice, as well as manage and modify contracts with several clicks. And your accountant will always know about all the changes.

Increase satisfaction of clients by means of the interactive customer service module

Odoo makes customer service much more efficient as client queries are automatically registered and assigned to the responsible person, and the client is informed about the query progress.

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