Project Management module for better productivity and control


User-friendly interface

Plan projects using visually convenient views (Kanban, Gantt, graphic and calendar views).

Project management is efficient cooperation

Create projects and tasks.
Appoint responsible persons and reviewers to supervise the execution of tasks.
Add tags to make filtering of tasks easier.
Determine the time necessary to execute a task and the time actually spent on it, and pay the employee according to hours actually worked.


Analyse project results to improve your work

Successful project management is directly related to the analysis of completed projects. The system allows you to analyse the project from different angles: the ratio of planned and actual hours, the employee productivity, to detect the most problematic project stages, etc.

Communication with clients and suppliers

The Project Management module facilitates communication. Do not waste time looking for a specific email or document using different platforms and applications. Communicate with the client or the supplier directly in the task tab.

The Project Management module helps to solve problems as soon as they arise.

Solving of problems in Odoo is automated to the maximum: a query received from the client or a member of the project team is assigned to the email address and the responsible person is appointed. Discuss a solution to the problem directly in the project or task tab.

Save time

Create tasks directly from orders.

Schedule system's presentation today