Purchase and Order Management module


Odoo Purchase and Order Management module

The cloud-based Purchase and Order Management module allows you to create orders from existing ones or to create new orders, as well as to change them according to the supplier’s comments and to apply the multi-stage order confirmation process.

Supply chain analytics tools

Analyse the purchase order process: the ratio of the order quantity, price and time to the manufacturing process.


Electronic purchase management and the most appropriate suppliers

The Calls for Bid feature allows you to collect data on all suppliers and compare them with each other. Increase the chances of finding the most appropriate supplier.

Management of purchase contracts

Collect contracts and other documents related to suppliers, track invoicing and payment processes.

Purchase in different currencies

It is important for companies engaged in international purchasing to pay in the currency of the country of purchase. The Odoo Supply Chain Management system allows you to set the purchase currency for different purchases.

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